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The CTC Events Center offers an advanced virtual event experience with avatars, replicating live event vibrancy from home. Recognizing the importance of human connection, it provides engaging simulated sessions, including main stages, breakouts, certifications, and celebrations. This platform hosts multi-day training, conferences, and sales meetings, prioritizing community-based interactions without the common grid layout. Avatar interactions enhance team building and face-to-face bonding, ensuring a dynamic and enjoyable experience beyond traditional audio/video streams, allowing participants to connect, compete, and be creative in a novel virtual world.


We understand how much is riding on the launch of your new product. You can rely on us to source the right venues, book the right talent and handle everything from logistics to lighting. We create innovative experiences to motivate your team and investors to achieve profitable conclusions. We will Motivate, Educate, and Celebrate!


Reward the behavior of your sales team and get the results you want. Our sales incentive programs are expertly designed and quick to launch. We craft a unique experience that is structured to motivate your sales team on site then build your business throughout the entire year.

sales training meetings

CTC Events takes particular pride in our outstanding track record of producing and directing hundreds of successful sales training meetings. These meetings are critical because they provide a forum to recognize past year’s successes and introduce future company initiatives. We are your one source solution to create memorable and effective sales trainings that focus on growing your revenue.


We’ll create a dazzling world and immerse your guests in an unforgettable experience. We’ll set the scene from the moment the invitations arrive. We’ll engage all the senses with custom designed food and beverage displays, entertainment, and unique ambiance. The only thing our gala dinners have in common for all of our clients is BUZZ: your guests will talk about this event long after it’s over, and will leave filled with excitement and enthusiasm.


Our years of experience have taught us creative and engaging ways to foster connections and strengthen relationships for your teams. Strategic fun and interactive games, competitions and teamwork exercises ultimately build momentum and increase productivity.


With a special emphasis on pharmaceutical event planning, we understand the value and importance of investigator meetings. Simply put, the entire event experience must be perfect. Our knowledgeable team is your partner – we appreciate your challenges and then exceed your expectations.


CTC Events plans meetings and events of all sizes. Intimate executive retreats require the utmost quality, discretion and efficient planning. You focus on your meeting objectives – we will handle all of the service details and logistics.